Those good and crazy people my friends.

During the tour of Some Enchanted Evening in early 1987, Kurt got a call to audition for the Canadian premeire of Company. Canada, home to many great actors as well as the Stratford Festival, had been unable to find a Bobby. Company was and remains one of Kurt's very favorite musicals. He had seen the original cast over 20 times, so he immediately went to work on his audition with his coach Larry Moss.

Kurt got the role and despite some initial controversy about "that American actor" he spent a glorious spring and summer in Ottowa and Toronto with a superb cast including Shirley Douglas, who played the Elaine Stritch role, Joanne. They became and remain great friends. You know her...Keifer Southerland's Mom.

Donna McKechnie, whom he saw stop the show many nights in the original Company, was there on Kurt's Opening Night. "That's what it's all about...Isn't it?


"Compelling... His ringing rendition of the show's climatic song, "Being Alive", in its own is sufficient to explain why he is here. He has the voice, but also an intangible quality of vocal self assertion that is part of the American musical tradition: the ability to slam himself down on the stage and make his musical concerns urgent to the listener." Ray Conlogue, The Globe and Mail