All that time wasted, merely passing through.

Autumn 2003: Kurt had been inactive for quite a while, questioning whether he wanted "to be or not to be" continuing a life in the theatre. In this "Ostrich Period" he seldom went to the theatre, rarely sang and had a "no show tune " rule on the weekends.

All that was changed with one phone call. A former voice student of his, Emily Sutton Smith who was working at Michigan Theatre, called to ask if he might be interested in doing a Follies concert as a fund raiser. She had mentioned to the Artistic Director that she knew the original "Young Ben". Kurt reluctantly said yes and that he would see if he could interest his co-ghosts from Follies to play their older selves in concert.

Long story short, they agreed and Donna McKechnie joined them (to sing I'm Still Here) and off they went in early 2004.

For Kurt it was a magical, cathartic evening filled with many ghosts both from Follies and his own past. BY the time the show finished it's brief run, Kurt had recommitted to his life in the a big way.

Thanks Emily.